What is difference between SEASONIC KM2 (80+ Gold X560, 660, 760 version 2) & SEASONIC KM3 (80+ Gold X550, 650, 750, 850 version 3)?

  • KM3 12V line regulation is now less than +/- 2%.
    1. NOTE: We would like to quote +2% only without the -2% but we should play it safe.
  • KM3 has the S2FC/S3FC selector with, KM2 does not have it.
    1. User can select his preferred fan control method.
  • KM3 with flat black DC cables
    1. Allows for easier system build (able to put behind MB place easier.
    2. Allows for cleaner looking system build
    3. Looks better with current black cases as well.
  • KM3 has reduced size CPU/PCIe connectors to PSU to allow for more usage flexibility
    1. KM3 has MOSFET on daughterboard rather than the main PCB
    2. Reduces space needed
    3. Improves space usage and allocation leads to improved safety and quality.
  • KM3 has upgraded operating temperature @ 40C
    1. Allows for full DC output @ 40C
    2. Allows for better Fanless Mode performance
    3. Improves on overall reliability, performance and lifetime.