• At CES Seasonic revealed its first Titanium PSU line, called Prime( 2016/01/14 )

    At CES Seasonic revealed its first Titanium PSU line, called Prime. This new line will be Seasonic's flagship and in addition to the Titanium units will also include several Platinum PSUs and two fanless units with Titanium efficiency.

    Seasonic decided to join the Titanium efficiency club rather late, however, the result looks like it was worth the long wait. The Prime series with Titanium efficiency will soon hit the market.

    Please take a look at news link below.


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  • Seasonic’s Platinum 1200 Watt Power Supply Assists In World Record( 2015/09/28 )

    Seasonic Electronics Company was founded 40 years ago and prides itself on research and development with the aim of providing consumers with cutting edge technology. This is the case with the Platinum 1200 power supply which has assisted in the achievement of a new world record in conjunction with Dancop.

    For those not familiar, Dancop is a German overclocking pro team who have achieved a new World Record within CPU and GPU benchmarks as well as finishing first place within numerous other benchmark categories at the global rankings. These are overseen by HWBOT who are an organization that monitors professional competitive overclocking results.

    So what makes this Power Supply exceptional? The Platinum 1200 version boasts among other features Dual Copper Bars which carry a higher current which is much more effective than the traditional copper strips. A No Negative Voltage Tolerance which implements an even stricter voltage regulation which entirely eliminates negative deviations, this is with the aim of keeping voltage 80% tighter than Intel specifications and 66 % tighter than top reviewers recommend. The icing on the cake is in the form of Seasonic’s 7 year warranty which provides the piece of mind to consumers.

    Seasonic has also been awarded the European Hardware Awards for 2015, this prestigious award was for their Platinum Power Supply series.

  • Asus PHPC Gaming System available Now! ( 2015/09/28 )

    Powerhousepc Australia using high quality Asus mainboard to build 100% Australian owned PHPC gaming desktop system