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  • LONG-LASTING HEALTH BENEFITS FOR YOUR CHILD. Gululu is the interactive water bottle that helps keep your child hydrated, enhancing mood, sleep, cognition and concentration. Perfect for ages 3+, Gululu opens the door to a healthy, playful lifestyle.
  • THE GIFT OF HEALTHY HABIT FORMATION. Technology meets wellbeing with Gululu: custom-designed to build habits via digital pets, rewards and a connected app for parents, the system auto-updates with educational game content to build a habit that lasts a lifetime.
  • LEARN THROUGH PLAY AND DISCOVERY. Let your child choose their favorite whimsical pet to embark on a journey of health and learning— play, track stats, add friends, and stay connected with the cloud-based app that lets you play alongside your child.
  • CONVENIENT AND BUILT TO LAST. Durable, safe, waterproof and wireless, with a modular design and easy-clean spout that makes maintenance simple. Designed to conveniently improve your child’s health, we made sure it’s both fun and easy to use.
  • JOIN US ON AN H20 MISSION AROUND THE GLOBE! With each and every purchase of Gululu, you are providing clean drinking water, for life, to one child in a developing country. Through our partnership with Generosity Org, we give back with each Gululu, because water = life.
  • For question and answer , please visit Gululu web link https://www.gululu.com/en/faq/

What is Gululu?

Getting Hydrated While Having Fun! Gululu, is a three-in-one product that combines an aesthetically designed water bottle, a hydration tracking device, and an educational pet-growing game. Gululu helps children (and playful adults) stay hydrated by caring for a virtual pet. As kids drink more water from Gululu, their virtual pets grow. The virtual Tamagotchi-like pet lives in a Gululu World, that regularly updates with new characters, skills, tricks and continuous education and exploration.
There is a social interaction feature that extends to the bottle's gameplay where two bottles and pets can make friends so that kids can know the status of their friends’ drinking water every day. The companion app lets parents monitor their children's water-drinking progress while our automatic software and content update system continuously roll out new features to keep children engaged.
Imagine a modern-day Tamagotchi and a technology-laced water bottle designed to encourage kids and adults to stay hydrated. That's the Gululu Interactive Bottle in a nutshell. Animated pets come to life in the Gululu Universe as your child drinks water, reaching new levels and revealing new powers. Sensors in the hardware, together with educational and social software, let your kid care for their virtual pet and make new friends. Gululu makes it fun to drink water, helping children and adults stay hydrated and healthy.

Healthy Hydration for Kids

The Gululu app sets hydration goals based on a child’s age, weight, and location. A rewards-based game driven by virtual pets then motivates children to meet their water-drinking goals. 

Learning through play

As your child drinks water, the virtual pet in the bottle grows, collects treasures, and explores an underwater world of adventure called the "Gululu Universe."

Technology meets well-being

Smart hardware featuring a screen, embedded sensors, a cloud-based app with automatic updates, and add-on digital content ensure that your child stays hydrated, and that you stay informed.

Constantly Renewing Game 

 As our team of developers iterates the game to include more treasures, levels, characters and perhaps surprises, the bottle automatically updates, keeping your child engaged in fresh and exciting new challenges.

“Shake! Shake! Shake! – Be my friend!”

Shake two nearby Gululu bottles to make friends, then see your pets play together. Kids can compare their hydration progress and habit scores, and parents get a glimpse of their children's social circle.

Advanced wireless charging

Gululu fully charges on its wireless charging dock in just three hours. The fully charged battery lasts up to 2 to 3 days of normal use.

Safe, durable, and shock-proof

The Gululu Interactive Bottle is designed for children aged 3 and up. All materials are 100% BPA free and comply with FDA standards. The bottle is 100% waterproof and dust-proof (IP 6/7), and is able to survive drops up to 3 feet (1 meter) high.

High standards and warranty

Our product and company adhere to the highest quality, safety, and security standards. Every Gululu bottle comes with a limited one-year warranty for defects. The Gululu Interactive Bottle is CE/Telec compliant, and our app and data security certificate are COPPA compliant (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act).

In the Gululu box

•The Gululu Interactive Bottle, a wireless charging dock, and a micro-USB charging cable 
• A User Guide (with a link to download a PDF version of the guide) 
• Instructions to download the Gululu app, which is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store


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